✈ Perth 2010 ♡ ✈

pictures from my trip last year.
Perth, Australia.

we took the habour cruise along the river ;
gorgeous views of the city and I even manage to spot some dolphins!

whenever we're at Australia we usually take the public transp.
its so much better compared to what we have to deal with in Malaysia.

& lunch at some Japanese restaurant downtown city center.
then shopping!

to diee for australian candiess!
& yes Supreeeee :D

at Vietnam town or something.
was there to try some Vietnamese delicacies.

Erin looks so carefree here, heh.

then off to the nearest market to buy some fresh grocerries for barbeque the next day.
the varieties were to die forr.
mm yums.

some very interesting chocolate I spotted (;

shopping/visiting/touring again at Hilary's Boat Harbour.
Notice how they spelt Kuala Lumpur ; KUALA LUMPAR hahahaha.

daddykins, lovely bright sunny day!

it was a really beautiful sunny day with moderate clouds, making me so happy !

stopped by a mini mall otw back to Burswood.
got me oysters to pamper my taste buds with :D

the last day in Perth we decided to have a barbeque, thank god for the clear blue skies ;
or else everything would be called off.
fyi, the weather was rather dim the whole week I was there.

one thing I realised abt Aus was the amout of seagulls terrorizing cities!

sometimes they freak me out shitless ;
but most of the time i'll be feeding them bread/bun/etc heh :D

jump shots!
couldnt help it, we were in a hugeasspark with lodsa space.
my sister is damn good at pulling of perfect jump shots ;
while I always..
fail miserably , maybe due to the cameraman or the fact that shes a better cheerleader/dancer.

gahhhh D:

Dad's favouriteee, a whole keg of beer.
lol, men!

my dad use to be a chef hehehe.
& godd, his barbeque skills are mad awesomee.

the barbeque was absodelish!
& that was the last day anyway ;
back to the hotel and packed up.

on the plane ride back home to kayelle.
wasnt packed as when we boarded the plane to australia.
I dont have to explain why rightt? lolol.

I have a thing for bright sunny days and clear blues kies with cotton candy clouds.
all landscape pictures taken with my Lumix.
& thats the only reason why I love my cam, to die for landscape shots ; for a regular camera ya kno? but people pics at night can dieee weih.
annyway theres more pics than this, and it has been on my desktop since like forever.
finally im able to share the pics (:
till then, x.


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