what it feels like for a guy to do something that makes you cryyy ;

Something I found on cosmo ..

" Its the sharp inhalation that comes just before the tears, the one that tugs at her bottom lip, that ruins me. This isnt what I intended. I didnt mean to make her cry. Why did I do that? stupid stupid stupid.

I'd like to say that as the first tears falls, all I can focus on are her beautiful eyes flooded with hurt. Instead, i'm for some reason suddenly keenly aware of everything around me : The room is too hot or cold, a bird is chirping outside, my back itches. My brain is scrambled by shame & a mushrooming fear that I wont be able to make this better. I want to run away, partly because i'm a coward & partly because i'm supposed to protect her from the things that hurt her ... and right now, that thing is me.

But I fight the urge to flee. I'll hug her if she lets me. I try to explain that, what I did won't happen again or that I didnt mean it. And eventually, I say i'm sorry, because even if I wasnt sorry before she started crying, her tears end up changing everything. " -- Jon Wilde



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