kayelle with the bunch

went down to kayelle a week or two ago ;
got there quite late tho D:

I looooove the city, I love walking on the sidewalks, I love looking at the skyscrapers, I love seeing the sun and birds flying. I even love the sounds of the busy streets, lol.

babylv, me  | abigail and ravin.

my very grown up sister ;
shes growing up so fast! ohmy.

Ralph Lauren boyyy.

hahahah, baby looks so lost!
p/s : he got left behind ): awww.

things you can see during the weekends ;


dinner at Nandos cause we were quite lazy to walk all the way back to Pavilion for dinner.
and it was earth hour during that time ; didnt see anything tho.
No one switched off anything : /

& this was when the blackberrymania started happening ;
baby being very interested in Ravin's BB.

hunnybuns and me



Anonymous said…
your boyfriend is cute

You'd be interested in . . .