short short update

i'm getting loads of weird comments middle of the night but ohkays.

little bit of what i'm up to :)



my finals are nearing and i'm so itching to shop ;

but everything is so like dissapointing, and you cant go to stores like Top Shop, Zara etc cause you know tonnes of people will be having the same thing. Unless youre going for the basics then its fine I suppose. Oh wells, and heels too! Aldo's new collection is just so so. Or am I just losing my interest or am I expecting to much? Ugh ): such a major booboo.


shopping at Bangsar yesterday was awesome, found some nice stuffs ; I got a cropped top which would join the rest of the family in my closet, a cardi and etc lah. & never walk into Zara when u go shopping in Bangsar till after. Cause like me u'll realized that u extraspulrge-wasted on a top which u can find on Telawi thats like way nicer and way more worth it. But its okay dads paying for it mwahahaha.

Gotta run, loves!


p/s : For pictures frm Bangsar yesterday check out my twitter/tweetphoto. I'm like updating my tweets on the go, with more pics too. lolol. Follow me! Y


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