Valentines Day & Anniversary '10

A very special day for me ; a total memorable one for me.

Mr Unicorn came and picked me up , then off for surpriseeees.

My surprise to babyboo , a Dugong which I hand sewn for him hehehehe.

yes, I sew that cute itsy bitsy dugong with my bear hands!
and no I did not buy it from anywhere (:

the boyfie playing with his new toyyyy, hehee.
he's making it fly lol.
cute cute!

Surprise 1# was , he told me we were going somewhere for some simple dinner.
& I was like okay, just tagged and sat patiently in the car.

and we walked through a restaurant and I had no idea where we were going.
I've never seen or been to this place beforee.

Then we came closer to a table, covered with black table cloth and decorated with shinysilverware and flowers and a photo frame.

I looked at the photoframe and I saw pictures of us, and I stopped for a minute and my heart skipped a beat.
ohmy, my sneaky little boyf!

smiled happily as I sat down and then took a quick breather taking in everything I was seeing ;
the view was gorgeous, the frame was so meaningful and everything seemed perfect (:

I thought that was all , as in no more surprises.
& then ordered what I wanted etc.

Then the boyfie told me he had to go to the loo, so I was like wohkay and did not think about anything else.
suddenly someone came behind of me, and..

turned around and saw a bouquet of roses.
I seriously stonnedballs, lol.

I looked at him speechless and was mad happy inside :DD
its like double surprises in less than an hour!

had our awesome dinner, an array of appetizers; had escargots!
then to the maincourse ; mine was chicken and he ordered pasta.
& then he told me he was heading to the loo, again..

cause this time..

cause this time, someone tapped me from the back and it was the boyfie carrying a cake with candles on it!

I was shocked, like theres no way I could even express!
& he knelt down, gave me a really sweet speech and took out a box and wore this gold strap watch from Guess he got for me.

seriously the best surprise ever!
I swearrrr.

I was lost for words and expression ;
It was too sweet of him to have planned all these and made it happened, as I never expect anything much but just his heart (:

I was a madhappy-girl living in her own world for the moment and smilling myself silly the whole night away ; even the waiters working there was happy for us!
It was like , our day.

After dinner and everything, he then took me to watch 'Valentines Day' at The Gardens, Mid Valley City.

It was just the cherry-on-top of a wonderful, memorable day!
It was more than anything I could ask forr.

I love you hubby and thanks for everything you've done for me ;
I treasure every moment spent with you and I love you with all my heart.
There is nothing I could ask for more ; i'm happy that I met youuu Y
& I hope you love the pressie I made and got for youuu.
Even though I know the belt buckle is a big too big hahahaha.

Happy Valentines '10 and Anniversary!



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SAMMIE said…
zomg!..shooo sweet :D

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