baby ohh ♥


I know I havent been blogging much.
I lost that blogging mojo longgg time ago, I dont even bother taking pictures unless I really wanted to for my own personal need; besides everyone has a camera nowadays haha.

thoughts of closing the blog has come up quite a number of times *as I always feel the pressure of updating and trying to keep the blog alive* but at the end of the day I never had the heart to do so, because this is the one place I can share things or sometimes spit and spatter bout my thoughts and also its been my baby for years now hahaa. I have other reasons to, but I guess you get the idea hrmms.

Anyways it has been a greatt week for me, had an afternoon movie with the bunch ; it has been a long time since I watched movies at a theater at noon lol. & some very fun/scary/unusual/havoc night too which involves running in heels and feeling very tipsy hah!

I feel very pleased with my life now, and I can see myself feeling very contented and happy and also thankful for what I have now (:

I'm very grateful for the things and most importantly people I have around me which I know I can count on. &for the many support/advices i've been getting. Thanks for making me a better person  (: 

knowing that my birthday is approaching, I somehow had many flashbacks and memories of my upbringing ; I am very lucky to have such caring and understanding parents who I love and lookup to all the time. And my sister who means the world to me, eventhough she's four years younger but she has thought me in many ways. Friends that always came to my rescue and a brother who is not blood related but has always been there for me since day one &never judged me eventhough I was kinda weird to begin with hah.

And last but not least, someone that I share my heart & feelings with, which had made an impact on my life ; someone who I love and adoreee. Someone that makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside, and outside.

Thank you everyone for making me feel all loved and welcomed.

Seeing everything that has gone/passed I would never trade what I or we had for anything else in the world.

Loves, ♥.



Anonymous said…
Hey where did u get those lovely high waisted pants? its really hard to get one that fits me right =[

You'd be interested in . . .