Dumb Blonde.

Now who said blondes are dumb and full of bimboness?

Bed Head by Tigi -- Dumb Blondes are created by blondes for blondes!

Okay I am not gonna lie to you and say that bleaching/highlighting/colouring your hair aint damaging; IT IS! Especially if you go really light, i.e. blonde. I coloured my hair almost two weeks ago now, and everytime I wash my hair I suffer dry and frizzy hair afterwards. Which is so UGH! I have a hard time combing my hair as most of the parts are tangled up and not forgetting dryness which leads to split ends &whatnot.

So one day I was wandering into SaSa and I found these new products!

1. Dumb Blonde, Shampoo for After Highlights -- I looooove this! Not only does my hair feels super smooth but also soft to touch and it smells yummy something coconut-ish/tropical, haha think Malibu Rum!

2. Dumb Blonde Leave in Conditioner -- Omg this doubles up as a mask and a leave on conditioner! Whats not to love? & it works best with the shampoo as a after care , so you'll get a better outcome.

Seriously, I tried Bed Head products before but that was a longgg longgg time ago. Using it now I remembered how good it was! My hair seems much more manageable and soft but time will have to tell but checking out the reviews from customers it suppose to make the colour last longer and prevents brassiness.

The next product i'm gonna try out..

So blondes , here's a saviour!
For those who doesnt have the guts to go blonde try it now :D



Vivian Ng said…
OMG! I love this! I used it once and fell in love with it straight! HAHA :D By far, I think this is the best shampoo for color hair. Hehe
stephiielim said…
Yes I know what you mean! :DD heheheheee.

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