girlsdayout ♥

Efficient blogging since the darlings have already uploaded the pics on facebook  (:
Had tea, some catching up and shooopping!

Delicious for tea &snacks.

yours truly 

honeylemon teaaa !

the loovelies x!

blondie, blackie, brownie.
hahahah :DD

shopping in style, lol.
we were practically acting like tourists!

everywhere ;
snapsnapsnap all the way lols.
& under the bright sun!

I just realized ever since I got my BBB, im never off it ;

babey Cath & I


okay this was damn random, hahahaa.
Ignore the peace sign pls.

Then after all the walking we dropped by Starbucks for a starbucksie moment (;

buying me self a cold chamomile tea ;
&babey Cath snapping away heeeeee :D

with MissWawa's Gucci  (;

Blackberrys unite!
guess who carrie two in her handbag?
One Tour, one Bold.

collages did by the lovelies  

what a great day with the lovelies!
then had dinner at Ming Tien with Lady AwAw and SherrieBerry, had great fun catching up and updating too, the boyf even joined us (:
sadly no pics :/

till then,


Anonymous said…
hey nice top! where did u get it ? :)

You'd be interested in . . .