goodies to share!

hello earthlingggs!

goodies that I gotta share with ya'll that I got from kayelleee.

1. Gadgets & Gizmo (Accessories, etc)
- Plaza Low Yat.

Technerds and gadgetsavy people like me *im the nerd* gather at Low Yat for awesome finds and great bargains!

From left to right : 1. BB Covers for 9700 & 8900 - silicone casings in candyblue, frostywhite, purplemoster (RM15) and whitedevil (RM30) (pink one excluded cause its frm PopMyBerry hahahaa) 
2. Scandisk 4GB - RM27 & Kingston Data Traveler Thumbdrive 4GB - RM30 
3. Blackberry Pink Holsters, 8900 & 9700 - RM30 each , RM50 for two.
4. Glow in the dark devil iTouch Casing - RM25
5. Pouches - RM12.90

*Note : If youre wondering why the different pricing for the casing it is because, at first I didnt hunt deeper and I kept browsing shops outfront. Not to say it wasnt cheap but the average pricing was about RM25 which is Rm3 more pricier than PopMyBerry, but couldnt find Devil casings at PMB so I thought why not. Exception for the WhiteDevil cause I could only find it in ONE shop and I loved it so yea, but I got another one (not in the pics, cause i'm using it already)  which I got for RM25 but as I wandered deeper I found shops, listed as wholesalers that actually accepts walk-in customers selling silicone casing in wide range of colours for RM15. Other than that, I spotted a shop that sells holsters for RM30 for one but if you buy more you can ask for a discount ; they come in pink, white, red and black. It was a steal for me as I spotted it at PMB and some other shops retailing at RM60+ . Lastly the pouch I got it from Sungai Wang top floor, I know how hard it is to find pouches to fit blackberrys especially Bold 2. And other things like portable chargers (RM20-60) , screen protectors (RM5-10) , misc. items can be found if you search deeper  (:


2. Of prints and flowers.
- Pavilion and Sungai Wang.

As much as I hate to admit it but sometimes you'll come across special finds in Sungai Wang.
Bought a pair of Sailor Skorts (Skirt+Shorts=Skorts) on the 6th floor that only cost RM39.90 MAJOR STEAL! & i'm digging Forever 21's new arrivals, florals! :) Especially the outlet in Pavilion, HUGE = WIDE SELECTION and the fact that its cheaper than TopShop but pricier than CottonOn, harhar.

and lastly..
Its not something from KL but its to store the goodies I got from the sales (:

make up boxes!
The largest one RM50 this was two years back and Erin got one similar to mine but with a leathery interior for RM90, reasonable ey? 
The small one on top, I got it for myself ; its used as a storage space for all my Shu Uemura lashies but the main purpose is for when I travel for a long time or something, cause it stands properly and it has a mirror! Got it for around RM40.
& lastly the vintage trunk on the left , to store all my precious things -- RM 45, I saw it at a vintage shop retailing for RM100+ ! 

and it all fits perfectly in my little white boxes!
Everythings so organized now!

so happy with all the great buys (:
hope you find it informational too!
happy shoppinggggg heeee.



Evon said…
hi stephanie.i've been searching fr the white little boxes fr u tell me whr to get one?:)
stephiielim said…
what white little boxes ?

Evon said…
oh sorry i mean yr little white boxes.
stephiielim said…
ohhhs okay hahaha the 'lttle' white boxes.
uhrms my mum got it from some japanese furniture store at the curve , i'm not really sure which tho.
hope that helps : /
Evon said…

You'd be interested in . . .