✈ Gold Coast 2009 ♡ ✈

last years aussie trip to Gold Coast.
I think i've posted some up before, but ohwells.

everymorning/noon , i'll wake upp and lay on the sunchairs at the balcony ; soaking up the sunrayss, reading a book, looking down at a view as gorgeous as this.

& this is only half of the view; we had a 180deg view of the coast lines.

and if I wanted to see dolphins I can go to an Island nearby by taking a ferry across ;
one of the largest sand islands.

then I can lay on the warm fine sand or even grass and daydream away ;
but gotta becareful not to fall asleep and end up waking up toasted! haha.

warm shady tropical trees above and surrounding the whole island.

& gorgeous sunsets to watch and admireee.

strolling down the beach with a loved one as the sun goes down.

I am not lyingg, the views are as above. Ultimately GORGEOUS and BREATHTAKING!
all taken with my own very camera ; & I also managed to snapped that pic with a couple walking on the beach after the sun has set.

I miss the sun, sea and everything about it.



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