karaoke with the lovelies ;

 a wonderful karaoke session with the besties at Redbox, The Gardens ;
& boy were we latee. I forgot that it was a school holiday and the mall was packed, not forgetting the hunt for parking spots. 

anyways pictures!

me and seewai ;

yours trulyy ;

steph, seewai & erin ;
erin looks more like seewai than me.
considering the fact that shes my biological sister haha.

the four of us  ♥
seewai, wendy, erin and me.

& after the karaoke, we camwhored at every location possible!

we even tried out the RM5 washroom.
lols ; just for the thrill of it.

we always have loads of fun times together.
till the next one; my present ;p



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