velvety loooves.

Velvet | Zouk.

and if youre wondering *cause I've been receiving mails* YES MY NAILS ARE REAL! I managed to maintain them to that length which is 3cm, but it only lasted till my birthday ; then I had to cut them all of as it was snapping.

so yea, lets continuee.

me and the boyfiee.

someone mean just had to spoil the pic  with that peace sign -__-
& the boyf turns red very quickly from a few sips of alcohol.
harhar :D

& I swearrrrrrrrr..

this was a pure honest candid shot, that turned out quite well ; and also look all so planned.
hahaha the look on Ezra's face is golden!

cheehong, me and baby.

& this is where camwhoring begun with the girlss!

yours truly, abigailthien and sarnyfarnyy :D

loving how our outfit stood out so well that night (:
she was the first to wear that out hah, take that  ;p

now with the boyyyys.

cheehong, me and ravin with his rocker sign, I wonder lol.

shameen and I.
he couldnt stop playing with his iPhone that night!
and oh godd, the way he was typing on it? so effing cutee lol.

sarnyfarny, ravin, baby and I.
this picture was taken too close, and I was practically unseen so I tried my best to edit the contrast, exposure etc. It was the best I could do, so spare me.

evonne, abbybaby, me and sarnyfarny.

few more pics with the boys and 

a very candid uncalled for picture of me; excuse the face , I didnt know what to do lol.
anyways zouk was justt okay, it was the after hahaha.

maximum havoc filled with panic attacks, running in heels and flying furniture lol.
but it was all goooood. Had fun with Abby, being all bimbo'ish in the dark alleys and watching her caress a car harharhar. and talk about all the places we've been in one night! oh gawd.

what an experience!

okay now, till then.


Unknown said…
Hello! I was bored so i googled my name for fun and came across this blog post... hahahah! OMG! Memories from 2010... how time flies!!
Unknown said…
Hello! I came across this blog post of yours and OMG!So much memoriess from 2010 man till i started reminiscing!! Crazy how time flies!
Unknown said…
Btw.. Blogger went retarded for a while.. haha! Think i sent 2 msges.. -_-"

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