i'm so pissed right now I would so fucking punch someone.
maybe even kill urgh, nahh im not that evil heh.

If you wanna stalk, do it quietly.
If you wanna bitch, do it infront of me.
If you wanna be a freaking idiotic dimwit retard, go all the way kay?

you think I dont know why kind of person you are? Your such a knieving sneaky bitch. You glide your way through everyone acting all so nice and naive but all you want is to mingle and gain popularity? thats so highschool, grow up! Gosh, I dont know what you want. But you sure as hell is annoyingly fake and pretentious. You slut up with any guy you can get your hands on, you glue yourself to them and/or ANYONE who gives you the attention and then you twist the story upside down making people believe that your oh so wanted. Pffffft.

and then there's the usual ones, which just enjoy disturbing other peoples boyf.
the calls, texts and whatnots. No life meh? No single guys around for you to mess around with ah?

pleaseeeee get a life will you?
your own social circle, your own fucking life and stop copying or imitating someone elses which you will never get.

gosh, it has been so long since I let out a bitchy post.
mind me, I just had to.



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