when I am suppose to be working on my assignment, I am here writing about the movie Inception.
Spoilers ahead, if you havent watch the movie dont bother reading. 
If you dont mind getting your ending spoiled or/if you are just curious to let my babbling humor you then go ahead and read. 

Please understand that all of these are based on MY own opinions from watching the movie ONCE hence, no comments will be accepted for this as I know I am about to piss off a million of Inception fans. Mind you, I said Inception fans cause I know that many of you that watched this movie and didnt even know of the director/script writer Christopher Nolans existence till this movie came out, fyi watching the Dark Knight doesnt counts.

Lets start of with the Christopher Nolan.
From his early works of directing and writing we could already trace patterns of the types of movie and short films he produced, everything had something dark and hidden in them. It plays with your mind and there is always an ambiguous meaning or ending to it. Inception was no different, it had so many meaning, endings, plots to it. 

the movie started off with Dom appearing washed up on shore then taken in by guards to meet an old man in a room. Then he was in a room, searching for a safe with one of his closest friend, the only friend which stayed with him throughout the whole movie.

have you realised now that, there wasnt any proper beginning?
there isnt ANY beginning to any part/scene throughout the whole movie?
and any ending will happen through a 'kick' which then sends the dreamer through a previous dream he was in.

We are never sure and because Leo wakes up without a kick it back to the first level of the dream. It makes it plausible that the clock on the dream ran down and he awoke naturally, and that Saito has aged considerably although maintaining mental agility.

Several theories are being bandied about the Internet. One theory is that Leonardo stays in the dream to find Saito, wakes him up, and they somehow hook up with Michael Caine and live happily ever after with the kids. Yeah, right.
thats is like finding the easiest way out of this whole mindfucking film, in hope to stop the torturing mindfucking this movie has done to you harhar.

I can give you excuses/explanation for every reason or motive you give me; but by the time I write everything down, I will be stuck in my own limbo.

So here's my take on the whole movie.

Dom was in a dream a whole time.
Let me justify it for you further :-

1. Lets start of with the meaning of the word Inception - the establishment or starting point.
; it wasnt described in that manner in the movie. Probably giving you a hint already that the whole movie lived without an inception.

2. To further prove my point, remember the part where he told Ariadne that you never remember the beginning of any dream?
Well there wasnt any beginning throughout the whole movie.

3. The children (of which I can't find a single frame of online) at the end of the movie are in virtually the same position on the lawn as they were in Dom's visions. They also seem to be wearing the same clothes. If there was anything different it is possible due to wadrobe staffs fault. 

4. Can you adopt someone else's totem? The importance of totems is made quite clear and it's also clear your totem should be kept to yourself and not shared. This makes me question Dom's use of Mal's totem throughout the entire movie. Saito spins it while the two are in shared limbo and it just keeps on spinning while falling elsewhere, but it's not his totem. Can he get a false read from it? Or is it simply a matter of understanding a totem's dream space design that gives the user an accurate read? This theory also opens the door to the final spin of the top.

5. In every dream/scene dont you think that it had suited the way Dom or one person would have pictured it? And the people around him seem to provide and help him in a certain way? Saito offers him a chance to go back to his children, Ariadne his guilty conciense and so on for other characters.  

6. As Yusef says at one point when Ariadne asks, "Who would want to stay in a dream that long?" He answers, "Depends on the dream." This could easily relate to everything since Dom would have or might had wanted to stay in limbo so he could design the way/how he wanted to live. Maybe in reality he has lost everything (his wife really did stabbed herself and died, the children was taken away because Dom's mind was unstable to care for them) or he might not know what is the difference of whats real and whats not.

7. The whole movie went a full circle, with no beginnings and no endings to any scene. The dreams ended where it started off with.

8. In the synopsis it was said that Dom was a theif, but throughout the whole movie, once again, we didnt see him stealing anything so yea. It could've been all up in his mind to plot this whole maze and scenarios to let him continue dreaming in his own world.

I just think that Christopher Nolan had this great idea of how our mind works, and how we humans could never interpret our dreams. Dreams has always been something any of us could understand well. It involved our subconsciousness and it is something very vulnerable to us. The human mind is a very complicated fragile thing to mess with.

He wanted to implant this 'seed' of his idea into the way we think or he just didnt know how to end his own movie hah!
& the reason why everyone is giving all the hype to this movie while im calling it bullshit it is because ONE, it didnt have any proper/usual characteristic of a proper movie (beginning,ending,climax was just mediocre), TWO you're a fucking loser to admit it is bull/bad/a joke because everyone is giving it a two thumbs up so you join in the fun because you dont have the balls to admit that you dont understand it, THREE the movie was so mindfucking, you couldnt let it go off your thoughts and you couldnt stop coming up with more and more endings to it therefore it is just stucked there.


The question is whether or not the seed he planted was strong enough to convince you the movie was one thing or another. Do you realize it's an idea he planted? Are you convinced it's a dream? Are you jumping from the balcony with Mal, or sticking with Dom in whatever reality it is he's chosen to believe?

Crazy enough?


Edited : I havent gave the reasons why I called this movie bullshit, err because it caused me arguments. I lost braincells due to all the cracking and thinking for an ending which wasnt there, so not worth it. I thought it would be mindfucking until it would expand my imagination but it didnt. It was more of a documentary-but-ended-up-like-a-joke-oops-my-bad than a movie, wasted my ten bucks. Would rather watch Dark Knight a million times than to watch this again. Dark Knight had a deeper meaning than this film. There you had it!

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