a new season has come.

lunch with the bestie at Sunway Pyramid.

always camera shy.
god knows whyy.

me and my extra chubbywubby face that day.
I had no idea why also.

outfit shot of the day.
trying to post it on lookbook but I cant, idk why.


Hairband : Flea Market, Curve
Top & Skirt : Forever 21
Bag : EPI Leather, Louis Vuitton.
Shoes : Aldo.


  1. wow~u look gorgeous with this style, ur hair, ur dress and ur bag too~ may i knw how much u bought for the hairband??

  2. how much is the LV bag? soooo nice!

  3. you look so good in every style!mad jealous! =D and you are good at doing your hair

  4. V : RM 10 (:
    Anon : Idk mum got it for me, heh!
    Anon : Thanks dearie, I did it in a rush, all my good hair days were all unexpected haha.

  5. u look like blair waldorf in gossip girl!nice style!!!=D


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