I have no inspirations for blog titles anymore;

I doubt I'll be up watching the match later tho, i'm so goddamn sleepy.

watched last nights Germany vs Uruguay match at Bakita, Changkat.
& it was super exciting :D
mad loooves for the world cup.
sadly its ending already, le sigh.

anyhoos updates!
I've changed my hair colour, again.
total, i've changed it three times this year already.
from dark brown to blonde and now ash green :)
*refer to displaypicture on the right for brown (; *

see the difference?
but sadly the ash green colour doesnt comes out well on camera /: major pooper.
but its super green under the sunlight, wth.

midterms are arriving.
I can die srsly.
zheng zheng zhengg, gah!

I miss the boyfie tho, hrmms.



Rita said…
Hey, where did you get your Germany tee?

You'd be interested in . . .