Baby Leyvin's 21st Birthday, The Maya Hotel Part :)

The day started of with me picking the boyf up and then whisk him off to the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Delicious for lunch. I know its just Delicious, but its the location that was special :)
Off Jalan Tun Razak, we stopped by Dua Residency for lunch.

It was super packed outside *not what I hope for, pfffft* with 'office people' but the other area was quiet, thankfully.

Deco was simple and nice, and im still wondering whats the other restaurant below. Hrmmms.
anyways, lunchie!

loverboy :p

mind my tired look, I was sitting for finals soon.
late nights, planning etc took a toll on me /:

After lunch, off we headed to our weekend getaway haha.

Maya Hotel.

The architecture of the building was breathtaking and shocking, as we never had a proper look everytime we parked there. But yea since we were staying there, we took in almost every detail of the hotel.

the valet below, and layers or floors of the hotel.

the business centre and sky lounge overlooking zouk.
and zouk is effingly small from the top, no joke.
after looking at it I wondered how blardy small Phuture really is hahahahaha.

The best part was our room.
Not only we stayed at the Junior Suite but the view was amazingly gorgeous!

On the left : KL Tower.

On the right : Another part of Kuala Lumpur.

The interior of our room :

loved all the mirrors around, camwhore wheeeeee!

after awhile of unpacking and settling in we changed and headed down to explore the hotel :)

the lounge at the swimming pool ;

then we went back to the room and watched babys taiwanese drama, lol.

Come dinner time and we were too lazy to head out so we just ordered room service!

after dinner I suprised baby with his pressie :)
I know its not much but I hope you like it boo x.

Got changed, ready and off to Zouk for babys epic birthday celebration!
*pictures will be up in the next post*

stayed up for hours for breakfast which was super fulfilling!
damn I love morning breakfastt.

When we woke up we headed down to the swimming pool despite the throbbing hangover.

Hydrotheraphy pool ; super good for massages.
splashed around for a whole hour.

lazed around a while longer, ordered McD's to the hotel (freakin' McDs hahaaha) and watch 300!

Checked out in the evening then off to Pavilion.
Dinner at Michealangelo's.

Mushroom soup.

Oysterrrrrs and wineeeeeee!

lambcutlets for the boyf ;

baked chicken breast for me :)

a total wholesome dinner and awesome time spent ;
hope the boy is happy!
more pictures from the night comingg.



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