Baby Leyvin's 21st Birthday || Zouking timeeee! :D

Babys 21st Birthday at Velvet, Zouk.
The same night we stayed at Maya.

& it was an awesomee night, babys friends all came and a total of 15 bottles + 5 flaming + etc etc. But at the end of the night he was still standing and sober, supper at Alor and everything went really smooth I would say.

Let the pictures do the talking, too many pictures. And for the different color and picture quality is all due to the fact that I took this all from facebook, credits to EvonWoods, AbigailThien and Nelson.


my one and only Y
happy birthday, I love youu.
21 already big boy lor!

Eevon, Sherrie and Michelle.

Okay, the story is; the three boys, Matt, Jordan and baby had pre-drinks at the Terrace Bar. Tequila Shots to be exact. And idk why, Jordan KO-ed way early hah, when the party just got started! Kesian Charine had to baby him all the way.

Abigail, Charine, me and Evon.

Ravin and me.
he's always begangtering around me lol.
& this was a super candid shot, till I realised, I did the peace sign and smiled as widely as I can lol.

One of the many flaming lambos of the nightt.

An intense drinking moment ;
and checking up on baby afterwards. He was turning super red already!

& I forgot who made him drink. The picture was the after when he held the bottle away and taking a deep breath below, lols. Must be the throat burningg.

Shameen passing on a drink from me, so very not him heh.

me, Michelle and Darynne.

mind the Supre tag popping out -.-

she's the mommy between Eevon and me

me, baby & kahoe.

kisses for my loveeeee ;

until he too busy for me ): poooooop.

I think we were talking about weight issues, lol.

why is Ravin pointing at me hrmmms?
Just realized.

Mattheww! Who tried gettin baby drunk but failed bahahahaha.

Junie, who just got back from London! Eevon, Sonia, me and Evon.

whats clubbing without some dancing?


mandy and us :)

she's turning into my partner for crime lolol.

Evon, me and minhui!

Abby, FanKe and me.

me, Abby, Mandy and Kristyn.

Samantha, Daniel, baby and me.

A truly awesome nighttt :)
love you baby!

Hope you had a greatt one, x.


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