Baby Leyvin's 21st dinner party with his family @ Jogoya, Starhill.

Celebrated babys 21st Birthday with his family at Jogoya, Starhill.
It was a nice pleasant dinner with his family and it was definitely a night to remember as we shared laughter and enjoyed fabulous food :)

It was really nice for me to get along with his family so well, I felt so welcomed !
I'll let the pictures do the talking.

me and the birthday boy!

hehehehehe ;

strawberry mochi, which I forcefully fed the boyf and he fooling around with food while digging in to a sinfully filled bowl of ice cream! :p

babys sister Wendy and us, love her dress!
so gorgeous :)

family picture!
except Wendys fiance wasnt in it :/
babys mom and dad, brother and girlf and WendyK.

the coupless :)

the birthday boy and cakeeee, mmm.

my one and only baobi x.

babys dad!
uncle damn cuteee hehe.

Quoted from him : "Tonight is the first time I did so many things, and one of it is taking so many pictures!"


the girls :DD
babys brothers girlf from vietnam! shes so sweet and preeeetty.

with the parentals //

a proper family picturee!

and one more,

love this picture of me and baobi taken at Pavilion after the dinner.

Had a really great time with everyone, and omg did I stuff my face with fooooood!
pictures credited to Wendy and Jason, all so pretty and edited already heehe.

& mind my really bloated and puffy eyes /: was stressed out with exams and etc.
anyways hope baobi had a wonderful and memorable birthday.
He's finally 21!

I'm so glad that through many ups and also downs, we managed to made so many memories, beautiful ones, that we will remember. Whether we're near or far apart, I hope that in time to come, these are the things we will look back on and smile at. I love you baobi, x.



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