Food Review : Zouk Cafe Bar @ Gardens, Mid Valley City.

Few weeks back I had the privilege to be invited for a food tasting session with Erica Ting and Tim Chew at Zouk Cafe Bar @ The Gardens. Not only was I excited for it but also really shocked as I remembered the earlier days when it just had opened and they only served tapas then. 

"Zouk Café Bar (ZCB) is an extension of the Zouk brand (Zouk Club that is not the Zouk Spas you see everywhere) in Kuala Lumpur and is prominently located at the main entrance to The Gardens, Mid-Valley.

ZCB primarily caters to office workers, shoppers, teens, young adults and those whose heart is still young. 

ZCB outlet manager Alvin was on hand to explain the various items that we were to taste. Food prepared by ZCB is made from fresh ingredients and does not use any canned or powdered food while the veges are sourced from hydroponic farms." -- taken from TimC's blog.

That's me with my fresh apple juice with no added sugar, anxiously waiting for the food to be served as I was so famish! 

The food didnt take long and it all came at one shot!

Cream of Mushroom soup (RM15) - made from different types of mushroom, all well blended together and top of with cream.

That's me and Erica, camwhoring halfway through our appetizers hehee.

 Tomato Soup - Fresh tomatoes pureed to perfection, abso bliss! It isnt as sour as how most other restaurant serves it, its smooth and really really yummy.

Classic Chef Salad (RM24) - a selection of green leafy vegetables, egg, smoked chicken breast, egg, avocado and prawns. Not a big vegetable fan but I found that everything really came together and somehow amused my tastebuds!

Fried Chicken Wings with Garlic and Coriander mayo dip - deep-fried chicken wings; with garlic, peper, english parsley and salt sprinkled on top for finish. It had a really unique taste to it as it isnt the same as those usual fried chicken wings. It had a nice tartiness to it :)

Breaded Mussels with Garlic and Coriander mayo dip (RM16) - I dont usually eat mussels, but since i'm doing a review, I had to try it. Surprisingly I liked it and I'll purposely go back to ZCB just to satisfy any mussel cravings that might appear in the future!

Tuna and Tiger prawns (RM18) - I loved this dish very much! Tiger prawns that were topped with thai chili sauce for that spicy zhing and slices of freshly cut tuna laid on the bottom, giving you a very different yet divine mix of the both main ingredients.

Pan-Fried Cod fish - This dish was superbly mouthwatering with risotto underneath the tenderly pan-fried cod fish dressed with mushrooms and onion cream sauce. This was Erica's favorite dish of the night!

Seafood Aglio Olio - angel hair pasta, prawns, mussels and scallops. Sounds like what you can expect from your regular seafood aglio olio but what made this dish special was the freshness and size of the prawns, one look at it and you'll have saliva dripping out of your mouth!

Seafood "Hor Fun" - Apparently its the Asian bestseller at ZCB. Check out their lunch hour promo for this dish! Something definitely not to be missed.

Marinated Lamb Cutlets - Even with it being well-done, it still was tender and juicy to my surprise! With grilled zucchinis as a side, this lamb was my favorite main of the night. 

Mangomisu - A weird name, no? Well its because its a combination of tiramisu and fresh mango. Dont really fancy tiramisus but this was something out of the ordinary as I could taste the richness of the mango which really brought out the best of this dessert.

Triple Scoop Ice-Cream gelato - as the name suggested, one scoop of vanilla ice-cream, one scoop of strawberry ice-cream and everybodys favorite chocolate ice-cream!

Well, not we had a feast! *imagine, so many dishes just for three person* but I also had the opportunity to taste the bestest and freshes dishes Zouk Cafe Bar had to order! No doubt Zouk Cafe Bar has the potential of being a very successful restaurant chain with all the wonderful and splendid dishes they have to order. I would definitely drop by more often with these exposure to all the great tasting food that also a come with a reasonable price.

Do drop by when you're around the area!



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