Port Dickson with baby ♥

Port Dickson trip some time ago with 
yeah we both needed it real badly and since it is kinda hard to plan getaways I thought why not we head down to Port Dickson since I already have accomodation there.

the cute boyf :)
picked me up in his 'Monster' and off we went.

I had three fluffy toys to cuddle with throughout the journey.
Not forgetting the surprise ♥ got me ; a very soft cuddly teddy bearr :)

we got stuck in traffic for abit.
Always same spot, why is it so jam at Seremban?!

ooh and it was raining too, ah wonders.
Was hoping for a sunny ride down though.

We reached about dinner time and ♥ took me to a restaurant beside a chinese temple. Me and the family always thought it was a vegetarian restaurant but ♥ said they serve very good food. Tried it out and yepps, it was awesomee.

After the dinner we both did some last minute grocery shopping at a mart nearby :) eheh as I forgot some essential stuffs lol.

the happy lost boy, lol.

there's this famous japanese or korean instant noodle all the way in Port Dickson!
was shocked to find them here, I know I sound jakun okay.

the munchies!
haribo brought all the way from kayelle wei.

First night, all we wanted to do was just to chill and drink starring at the night skies at the balcony (:

Got us very very nice winee, although we didnt really get tipsy after finishing the whole bottle.

The next day, we woke up late, as usual and off we go for lunch!

Brought him to this restaurant beside the ocean with a gorgeous view, well gorgeous for me la since its just Port Dickson.

oh and we were both starvinggg!

ordered butter cream crab and some other side dishes but CRABS!
I was craving for them ever since we got there, and one thing about having a boyf that doesnt eat seafood is that I get to finish this whole thing by MYSELF bahahaha. Yes I chowed down on 1kg of crabs lol.

We then took a slow ride back to the apartment enjoying the sunny day (:
its so different having a hot sunny day somewhere other than kayelle, you just seem more open to the fact that sunrays burning through your skin lol.

over exposure -.-

and on the way back we spotted..

yes a herd of cows munching on grass just right outside the condo lolol.

anyhoo, sad to say we travelled alone hence no pictures for the evenings.
but we went for jetski!
and omg it was superduper fun. paid a lot for an hour and half but it sure was exciting!
the boyf went mad on the jetski and we sped all over the ocean hahahaha. sea water splashing all over and I kept screaming until it went into my mouth -.-

then we cooled off by the pool, best part was we had the whole pool to ourselves!
too bad we didnt get to try out the jacuzzi tho as we were too tired.

headed back up, rest for a bit and then it was off to dinner :)

♥ brought me to a wonderful place where we get to dine right by the beach.
hearing the waves crashing into the shore and cool breeze rubbing against our cheeks, so delightful!

nice ambience ?

kisses for the ♥ hehe.


had our coconuts to go along with dinner.
spent some good quality time chatting away talking about things.
by the time we were done we were sooooo tired until we headed back and right away fell asleep on the couch, lol.

woke up the next day started packing then it was back to kayelle ):
was quite sad to leave tho.

oh wells, our holiday didnt end there just yet.
dropped by Tropicana Mall on the way back and had dinner at Arista.
then it was a movie session!

a memorable trip with ♥ 

till the next oneee!


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