a day of laughters, shopping and a whole lot of jumping ♥

trip down to kayelle cause the boyfie wanted to do some shopping at Pavilion and we thought Uniqlo was already opened.

anyways we were all early so we had our brunch at Damansara Jaya's hugee dimsum restaurant.

Miss Teletubby so cute.

and the boyfie.

so anyways got there kinda late hahahah, brunch took some time lols.
and omg, we were so jakun that we hogged JW Marriots restroom for a period of time hahaha.

vain pic shot ;
since for the whole day the only restroom I used was there. would walk all the way back just for it. Ah, fear of public restrooms lol.

sunny shots outside pavilion.

the boys, poser sial.

and hence we started shopping!
while me and evon got ourselves lost at Forever 21 the boys went exploring around Pavilion and coming back telling us who they bumped into etc hhahaha.

then it was my turn accompanying baby shop;

after all the walking and splurging ; 
*more jackets from zara*

we had tea at Carlos.
& I ordered wine to go with my oysters but sadly they ran out of house pouring wine, bah.

Cheki shot! Complimentary from Evons camera :D

walked the whole Bukit Bintang street and ended up somewhere behind Sungai Wang for roast duck!

mm noms noms, was so tired and hungry I just ate everything bahahaha.
& we didnt let our day finish just there.

went for karaoke at Loudspeaker.

we manage to snag ourselves one of the largest rooms currently, bigger than the one we first went.

Shameen and MinHui joined us ;

honestly the boys looked like they had more fun than us girls but it was a spectacle to watch all of them being so hyper haha.

I dont know why, or have any idea why Shameen has to hold the beer bottle while singing, pretending the bottle is another microphone maybe? hahaha.

Aaron was snickering the whole night through again, hahaa.


the boys ended up all on top of the sofa.

till then, ta x!


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