I know its not perfect but it does saves you a hell of alot of money if you plan to cream up more than one item.

First get some white/plain clay.
Mine is from Daiso for RM5.
Its the paper mache type.

some chalk pastels, from Daiso as well for RM5.

This is optional but you do need to shape the clay and stuff.
Its called 'Clay Kits' from Daiso as well.

last but not least, inspirations for clay making!
you can google up 'decoden designs' and head to decoden forums for ideas.

Now for the clay making process:

Pinch an amount of clay, about the size of a fishball out.

Scrap some coloured pastels (you want the powder from the pastel) out to the white/plain clay.
then, mix it all around like making a dough. You can see the clay will start to change color.
Add more pastel shavings for a deeper tone and such.

*for this tutorial, i'm making macaroons/baby burgers? *

Using a mold I managed to shape the three parts which are the top and bottom and the filling.

To smooth out the creases and to combine three of the parts together, I slightly brush them with water. 

The end results :

One's better than the other though, but it isnt suppose to look perfect anyways.
Here's my whole collection for now.

I've made ice cream scoops as its the easiest.
The problem is i'm using the paper base clay, so it needs loads of topcoat once it dries and also it creases and breaks easily. I would recommend ya'll to use the other types of clay if you can find them.

Anyways thats all for now!



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