dinner with the in laws ♥

Got invited by babys dad to have dinner at a restaurant in Subang called Zinglicious.
a very nice place that felt very homely and comfortable.

only by reservation, we had the chefs room.
table is fully set with fancy cutlery and wine glasses.

my very annoying boyfriend.

& baby's very cool daddy! (:

the first thing I got to dip my tastebuds in was this special made drink;
made from plums, roselle flowers and whipped cream.
It was just simply delicious!

yours truly.

For appetizers we had US Scallops on a slice of oven toasted bread accompanied by a home made sauce on top; boy was it delicious! I am happy that my boyf doesnt know how to indulge in good food like this that I was given an extra piece! Hehe.

Then was the lobster bisque which was truly a delight with an extinguish taste that tickled my tastebuds!
Look at the size of that lobster :)

we had more dishes but I was to indulged with all the good food and conversations we were having to be taking pictures, but trust me the food was very up to par and very very satisfying!

Group picture of baby and his cousins:




zingzang said…
Glad you enjoy the food, BTW, check out my newly created www.facebook.com/zinglcious or www.zinglicious.blogspot.com

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