Its getting LOUDer | Mainroom, Zouk.

Attended LOUD at Zouk.
I love LOUD cause I can layan the type of music played, not the ones played in Barsonic tho hmm /:

anyways picture filled post!

when we just got there ;
camwhore while waiting for the bottles and mixers.
yours truly, minhui and evonwoods.

shortyEdric, me and Catherine Leow.

my oh so round cute baobi, khoo ley vin.

the whole group of girls ;
Stephanie Lee, May Gin, Cath, me, EvonW and MinH.

my usual candid shot of people, this time Sham got it from me hehehe.

me, baobi and Nick Mah.

chu Y

Goh Yuan, NickM and his cousin.


the yo momma girl and her boyf Aaron who was unexceptionally hyper that night nyeknyek.

Jeslyn, Cath, me and NickM.

surprise, surprise! Bumped into Cindy next to our tablee.

*however you spell teletubbies singular*
a nick name baby created for her bahahaha, so cute!


the usuals ; SHOTTTTTTTS.
trays of 'em.

yours truly, MinH and Rachel.

& everyone was pretty tipsy/drunk that night ; I know the boys were having the most fun!
dancing, prancing etc.

After that, supper time at Jelutong with the bunch!

fried chickennnnn!
*does quacky dance*



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