Min Hui's 18th Birthday @ Chulo, Jaya One.

Went to Jaya One for Min Hui's 18th Birthday with the boyfie.

The birthday girl and yours truly (:
she was happy that I was shorter than her that day bwahaha, cause I wore flats.

birthday kissies, x.

& then she makes me and suili drink sooooo much omg D:

girls and I ; soft comfy sofas mmm.

May I introduce to you my sooooo much adorableee boyfieee!

cuteeee douuu omg!

oh oh and not forgetting this shott..


group shot!

after finishing two bottles of wine at Chulo, the rest drank beer, the whole bunch headed to Opiuum.

this picture OWNS!
hahaha minhui and boyfs face hahaha million dollar shot.

matching bracelets/watch baby and I.

Andre and I ;
gossiping session.

kissessss :)
minhui and andreaa.

picture of the night, boyf and me :)
it was fun and so many people got wasted lols.
hope the birthday girl had a fun, till then!



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