It was really LOUD pt.I | Mainroom, Zouk.

This will be part one, as pictures are all stolen from Cath's facebook, heehee ;p
Part two will be up soooon, too many pics that night, loads of familiar faces and one hellanight!

the girls.
catherineleow, yourstruly, jesynling, stephanielee, yvonne, ziningng.

the boyf.

the boyfs crazy friends.
EggyTay, FanK, GohYuan.


over the shoulder kisses, xx.

me and my blackberry, forever on my blackberry ; until theboyf had to stare at me like that

& more familiar faces popped by our tableee.

leyvink, stephanielim, christianadecruz and shanghong.

Cath, Junie, me and Jeslyn

Christiana and me.

Junie was quite tipsyy, heh.

& so were we after few more shots/glasses.

beware of people holding the bottle of alco.
in this case, beware of Matthew!

& if you try getting people drunk, you'll have it come back to you.

even after that me and boyfie had to finish up glasses of drinks blah.

the boyf was quite tipsy as well, lol.

anywayys the night went onnnn.

we took so many pics while layaning the music lol.
mainly cause people were having fun with the cam trying to get all these light effects out lolol.

& people were reaaaaally tipsy that night till theboyf and jeslyn were fighting for me bwahahaha. Me lovey them looooooooong time! :D

Jeremy & us girls!


part two coming soooooon.



Anonymous said…
wow babe. awesome dress! where did you get that hot stuff? if you dont mind.... :))

You'd be interested in . . .