mini updates for november ♥


yes, thats me.
somehow I look a bit Pocahontas-ey.
Just love me new booties!

anyways will be on an exam hiatus, but for a short time only.
Last paper on monday, actually thats my only paper so yepp heehee.

updates to come!

girls night out 

melaka day trip with the family.

Zouk for Aly and Fila.

BBQ's at Jordans place with the gang 

So till I get back from my exams, hopefully i'll do well as I feel like crap now.
I swear this time, failing feels so close. I know nothing about Microeconomics and I hope crash studying for 5days *minus, eating sleeping &whatnot* 3-4days/4hours a day will help me.

Gah. Why la.
Shouldve been more prepared from the start.

till thennnnnn loves!

peacee outtt, meh :pp



mizztraveller said…
u really looks great lol :)

You'd be interested in . . .