Yeo Han's Wedding | Holiday Villa, Subang.

Cousins wedding held at Holiday Villa.

Isnt the surroundings so victorian like?
Love it! So preeeeeeetty.

with the cousins, hehe.
weird to see everyone growing up so fastt.

Inside the ballroom.
the whole concept was very victorian like, I have pictures of the ceiling board and stuff with paintings which are very michealangelo-esque but its on my facebook heh.

the bride and groom, my cousin is the guy so yepp.
his bride is sooooo pretty. Never seen her so dressed up or with make up before.
I guess every girl looks her best on her wedding day :D

unique souvenirs for guest to take home.

Jason, baby and me.

the four cousins.
how much we've grown :)

It was nice gathering with relatives and family members.
all the catching up and photos we took two days in a row.
what a pleasant time I had Y



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