Happy Anniversary babykhoo ;)e

Hello, right now it'll be my last day in Turkey, kinda sad that i'm not in Malaysia to be celebrating our anniversary together but i'm coming home tomorrow morning!
woohoooo :D

i'm glad to have had this past year and wonderful months with you //
the ups and downs, we managed to pull through thick and thin eventhough with our 'amazing' *ahems* qualities and personalities hehe.

i'm glad we managed to make few memorable memories together like we said we would ;)
I love you khooleyvin and thanks for everythingg.
I'll be back soon, hug fluffie for me kays?

Then it'll be Christmas!
yeay :D

Happy Anniversary, x.


*p/s : the rest of the sweet loveydovey things i'll tell you when i'm back! This is not all but its public place to be speaking of us lolol.  Hehe*


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