Didnt have much time to check what's the national language in Turkey/used by Turkians.
But i'm prolly walking around now, in cold around 4degreecelcius and with only 3 hours of sunlight a day. Can I hear 'yippeyipeeyeay?' lols.

Anyways this post is dedicated to my booboo :)
hello! I've missed you, eventhough I wrote this earlier hehehee.
Please me good, drink loadsa water and eat healthy! Remember the three day plan? You should try it out now lol.

i'll be back soon, so take care of yourself okay boo?
you got fluffie, so make use of that cute little pup!

ahhh, cant wait to be back in your arms :D



&  to Wendy good luck in your exams! See you when i'm back. Seewai, work hard! Your quota has to be reached hahahaha. 

the rest, you know I love you ; will catch up with ya'll when i'm back.
pleasee take care everyone, Jeslyn, Abbie, Wawa *hugs*

till then, Y


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