shopping trip with the sister!

soooo before my trip to Turkey, I went on a shopping spree with the sister to hunt for winter clothing. What better place than KL right?

Anyways, first off Pavilion.

Love this leopard printed dress :D

Then did the usuals, being all touristy taking pictures with the Christmas deco etc
(ooh, btw Merry Christmas! I know its late but better late than never right?)

shiny ornament ball *dumdumdeedum*

had latee lunch at Sushi Zanmai at Fahrenheit after some massive shopping at Uniqlo.
Not that i'm in love with Uniqlo or anything but I had no idea where else to go for winter clothing.

uhm yea, so anyways walked out with 5-6 huge ass baggs of clothes!

its not fun to walk across kayelle town with so many baggage grr.
but the results were awesomee, the clothes managed to keep me warm in Turkey.

then on the way home we stopped by to try out the new dessert shop at Kota Damansara called Ice Room. Its something like KTZ at SS2 but not with so much choices. Ambience was great tho.


that's about it, xx.


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