Stefanie Aw's Birthday | Phuture, Zouk.

Stefanie Aw's Birthday with the girlies!
Its been so long since I last clubbed with the girls :D

Debbie, Sherrie, Eevon, Stef, Yvonne, Steph.

I dont know who took this but I got left out ): boohoo
too lazy to grab pics on facebook so this will have to do.

I forgot what mixture is this, somehow it has a slight tinge of blacklabel.
Confirm kena spiked already.

miss gaga.

Hahahah Stef's face damn cannot make it.
but shoo cute!

jaagerbombbs from Gaga and Sherrie with loooove!

my poopieboo!

then headed back to mainroom with babykhoo to meet the others.

EggyTay, babykhoo and me.

Aaron and Leyvin.

Andii hahahaha.



it was a superduperawesomee great night with the girlies and thanks to the boyf who took caree of a very tipsy me :DD cant waait for the next round!



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