Happy 2011 !

Happy New Year to everyone!
Another year has come and gone, the many ups and downs.
As another year has passed, we all learned to grow, cherish and appreciate things life gives us.

This year has been tough for me, but I realized I never did take any of the obstacles as problems/troubles but as challenges and Ive learned how to look at things in a more positive way.

This past week has been the worst of this year tho. With a passing of a friend, I almost gave up and hoping for anything great to happen. But as I look around I see people who I care for and that gives me the will to do things right and proper, with all my heart to make these people proud of me someday.

New years resolution? None. Cause I dont believe in them.
Lets just wish for the better and usher in this new year in the best way we can :)

cheers people!
have a great one, xx.


next year will be tougher.

anyway have a good one

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