Hello 2011 !

Hello 2011 and goodbyee 2010!

I guess every year has been like a rollercoaster ride for me ; 
You loose some, you win some.

Things wont go as plan ; you'll feel lost but you pick yourself right back up and slowly fit in the pieces till you get the whole picturee. These few months, felt like I was on a holiday even with college/classes on, I lived the way I wanted to. Teas in the afternoon with girlfriends, exchanging gossips and fashion tips, spending more time with my family, travelling, and of course random spontaneous things with the boyf.

The view of the city | Sky Bar @ Traders Hotel.

I now know, the type of life I would want to live in the future. The person I want to be even without a clear perspective to what sort of career I would be having, but at least now I have a goal. And I see a path developing infront of me, guiding me the right way.

Eventhough I have this strong feeling 2011 would be tough on me, I still hope it will be a better year as well. Not to say that 2010 was hard, it did had many downs, but never once I looked at it in a negative perspective. Only till the death of a friend of mine I succumbed to the fact that 2010 has been really rocky but oh wells, its already 2011 in a blink of an eye.

I shall start writing a list of things I want to accomplish and things I want to achieve for 2011.
No, it isnt some ordinary new years resolution, heck it isnt even one. Why dont we just call it a guide list? 

I think I would prefer that (;

there are many uncertainty in life, but not taking the risk is a bigger risk itself not knowing what the outcome might have been.

I shall have a open heart and mind in what life bring me, whether in the year 2011 or even in the years to come. Cause from what we know, nothing is set in stonee.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." — Mae West ♥

Happy New Years and a very very prosperous one to somee (; 
I bid everyone a well year ahead and all the bestt.

Lovees, Steph xx.


Anonymous said…
you and your boyfriend looks very sweet together.Congrats on finding such a wonderful partner <3

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