loveydovey updates!

small, quick update of what me and mrkhoo have been up to.
spending days and nights together, exploring things and also succumbing to the usual daily routines.

cravings for Japanese food, usual spots would be Sushi Tei and Sushi Zanmai mmm.

gyuniku rolls, avocado tobikko, salmon and some chuka kurage.

couldnt catch a movie hence we ended up bowlingg.

brand new topshop socks I bought just for this game, lol.

doing his thinggg, I really didnt take him seriously when he told me he could bowl ;
he beat me hands down.

late afternoons we had ; prolly from a late nightts.
would wake up and go out for super late lunch at somewhere near.

bbq plaza was near, and the craving for grilled meat!

or even Paparich nearby would suffice.

my sexy back, whooots*

sometimes he would take me out or accompany me on my shopping quest!

Bangsar ; ended sweating bucket loads and achy feet!
thank god for an indoor seated La Bodega on Telawi.

the fatty and me (;

with all these "adventures" *cough* laziness *coughs* both of us ended up sick!

hence, a drive to the doctors and sufficient rest was needed.

booboo, till thennnn!


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