✈ Turkey ♡ 2010 [pt. I] ✈

First day in Turkey.
Touch down at Istanbul.

hello, hello morning sunrisee!

the morning view of Istanbul was gorgeouss.
imagining 7 million people stayed there was hardly impossible as you can see how cramped up the whole city is.

As we moved further up north to the first outskirt city, Bursa; we started seeing snow.
yes, white fluffy cold iced snow, EVERYWHERE.

they called it their 'Ottoman Traditional' villagee.
very colourful buildinggs.

then we were treated with lunch at a traditional restaurant nearbyy.

appetizers since day one till the day we left was either salad or soup lol.

meat and mash?
I dont know what's it called but it was a dish you can see the locals eating everywheree.

checked into our hotel.
& I was amazed how good it looked, cause it didnt look this good on the outsidee.

best part is, every room had its own seperated balcony.
I got to chill there the whole time we stayed there :D
major thumbs up!

in Bursa, having a ciggie break with green tea surrounded by nature and temperature below -0deg.



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