Christmas Eve '10 | Bakita @ Changkat.

I missed out this post, saved in drafts ;
so here it is!

Countdown to Christmas was done at Bakita, Changkat.

on the way down to kayelle.
yep, we got caught in the horrendous jam!
but the guys were super entertaining throughout the ride, they made it bearable haha.

Finally at Bakita.

Pak Ken and baby.

me and my big pint of Hoegaarden which I obviously couldnt finish.
I suck at beer, lol.

& to my surprise I bumped into some longg lostt friends!

Aiman sayang and me.

Faez and Jaafar.
Faez who was back in town for his break from Australiaa.


& this cute teddybearlike-Nik Amir!

Really nice to see them even for a bit.

me and the boyf :D

abby and sarn came after twoam.
with the other guyys.

the silly hemraj and jack.

so my christmas countdown last year was simple but meaningful as I got to spend time with me dear friends and also the boyf, reminisce talks about yester-years. No hoo-haa, or seeing drunk people everywhere, nice and simple beats that hands down haha.

Till then, x!


Ariel G said…
uber love yr gold chain watch
where is it from?
stephiielim said…
Hello, its a gift frm my boyf ; he got it from Guess? (:

You'd be interested in . . .