Happy Chinese New Year '11.

Hey everyone!

Just wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Hei Fatt Choy ;
may everyone be prosperous during these festivities heehee.

I will be stuck in KL/PJ since my grandmama is not feeling well ):
This kinda mellowed the CNY mood for me, but glad that I still have plenty of relatives here so there'll still be loads of visiting to do!

Hopefully I get to see a liondance this year :D

& receive loads of angpaos, and win win win!

Once again, have a happy prosperous new year to all!


p/s: Will be on a hiatus till new year is over!


Haggard Library said…
hope your grandma feels better soon ! have a great Chinese New Year !
stephiielim said…
Hwllo, thank youu! You too :D

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