I hear LOUD music!

title credits to Abigail Thieeeeeen, I had no inspiration.

anyhoos, Loud with the bunch at Zouk - our usuals.

Peili, yours truly, Margaret and Abby.


missing youuu, boyfie!

missing my babyfatcheeks hehehe.

the guys, Ravin and Sham.

Candid shots of the nightt ;

hard pumping music? - Sham.

prolly going eee? - Ravin

and the winner goes to ..

Pak Ken! Hahahahahaha.

Goh Yuan & leyvin.

baby the rockstar, no?

girls girls girls.

trying to pull some cutesy pose, totally failed.
I think Abby was going for the dreamy look hahaha.


Nick Mah.

with Peili, and below Vicharnnnnn.

my sneaky posee :p

& ending withhh.

babyfatcheeks, hmm.
missing you loads ):



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