Last minute plan to head down to Zouk that night, was contemplating whether I should stay home or go. But after being tempted by miss gagaloo I decided to go for a while. YES, I LEFT AT 2.00AM!

picture timeeeeee!

Sherrie, Eevon Aw and me.

the lovely brother and me.

Debbie who dropped by from Phuturee.

gagaloo and mamasan partying the night away.
someone got kinda drunk, okay wait kinda is a total understatement ; its TOTALLY WIPED OUT DRUNK UNTIL CANNOT WALK DRUNK hahahahaha.

darynne and me.

nick and me.

dance floor sashaying the nightt away with Sheng's girlfriend heeheeee.



mizztraveller said…
wow , u girls look so hot and sexy .

You'd be interested in . . .