National Science Center.

Also known as the Pusat Sains Negara, located at Mont Kiara.

*irrelevant picture*

The both of us actually planned to head to the zoo, but some how it started drizzling that afternoon. So we made a detour to the Science Center. Not a bad choice I would say, but compared to Petrosains, there's a lot of room for improvement (;

The entry costs less though.

at the entrance we were greeted with river fishes.

Inside under the magnificent glass dome, there we're T-Rex and Brontosaurus *I think*.
My dinotionary used to be better, lol.

I'm so small!

Toyed around with few of the gadgets and stuff, reflective mirrors giving the boyf an imaginary image of how skinny he used to be hahahaha.

poser I tell you lol.

so basically we we're running around goofing off like little kids, the place is BIG!

glass dome.

Okay, this is gonna be a little silly but here goes.

*baby trying to converse with T-Rex*

*T-Rex got annoyed so ROARED at him*

*so baby gave him the hand*
okay, the facial expression got me rofl.

more dino exhibits.

trying everything out.
Its fun for me though, I really do love science.

I have no idea what's he doing.
and there was this coloured lights dancing thingamajigg.

So after a trip to the National Science Center we headed to Gardens for dins.
Tried out Fong Lye.

*wondering whats all the buzz about this restaurant*

We we're seated at a row of couple seatings, the whole row was filled with couples. The girls were all seated on the sofa-liked chairs while the guys opposite, something like the speed dating shows we watch on tv, I found it super hilarious!

It got kinda uncomfortable after awhile, imagine whispering as you do not want others to hear your conversation. Not being able to look left or right since everyone is seated so closely! So baby requested a larger table for us since we were already ordering a lot.

You can see in the picture, someones ass next to me lol.

bigger table and food for four when there's only two of us lol.
was kinda disappointed with the food though, nothing special.
Would rather zanmai.

Finished up, then headed to GSC for a movie.
Had my desserts there, I would rather spend thirtybucks on Famous Amos, Haagen Daaz and an Esprit then letting them con my money.

till then!


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