Valentines day '11.

For valentines day, we checked into our room at Gardens Hotel.
second time there and we got the corner room, which was bigger in my opinion.

first thing we did was to jump on the comfy beds!
& then checked out the view. There's actually no view at Gardens.
I mean the two times I've stayed there they gave us a view of Old Klang Road and Federal Highway. The money shot would be the pool and G6 below? lol.

Anyhoo check out his squissy toosh.

couldnt help by joining the squishy-ness.
and here's the view of almost the whole Mid Valley City. I can even see people suntanning at the Boulevard Hotel.

without wasting any further time, since it started to get cloudy; changed and headed down to the pool.

it was quite hazy and cloudy as you can see.
but i'm gonna make my stay worth it!

me and my fanta!
mad loves for fanta strawberry hehe.

fatso with my iPad.
iPad thief!

while I suntanned or cloudtan if you could call it and relaxed for abit.
then it was time to dip into the pool!

uhm, I was checking whether it was in place? Harhar.
anyways returned back to the room and found some little surprises.
along with the presents I got for him.

he got me fake flowers cause I dont know how to maintain and prolong live ones hahaha.

changed and dolled up then he brought me for dinner at The Spread.
reserve and set.

mischievous me!
a proper shot ...

hairband by Sereni & Shentel.
Uberr love for their collections!

there was cottoncandy and crispy waffles!
desserts to die for.

and as I was about to chow down on more food .. till he surprised me with this;

oh how sweet of him, the pretending and hiding of the ring. hahaha.
was super stoked and shocked when I found this gem hiding inside the box.

after dinner we went for a movie at Gardens, "No Strings Attached". Like the show and after the show we headed to the rooftop for the campfire.
sat and talked for abit thinking what to do next.

I was running before the timer went off.

and the place was filled with heart shapped balloooons.
aww the loveeeely decorations around just made the atmosphere even more delightful.

then Matt, Sonia and a friend met us up at Zouk Cafe for drinks.
it was crazyyy the amount of drinks they already had and about to have.

played some card games and talked for abit.

group shot!

someone KO-ed after one too many, lol.

walked back to the room and on the way I just had to stop and do this.

the morning after was baddd, the room was a mess since we both were too tipsy but breakfast made it up. both of us went down with our half awake look and gobbled everything nutritious served.

checked out late as usual then it was off to dinner with his family.

thanks for the present and the effort.
appreciate it loads :)



gem said…
i like the two tops u have in there, the navy wiv crochet n the white lace. where did you get that both? nice!
stephiielim said…
White lace is from a shop in Bangsar but I forgot the name, it was common awhile ago haha. And the navy one is also from Bangsar, Gossip!

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