Xiang Ding Wei with the girls!

Dinner with the girls at Xiang Ding Wei before Stephanie Leong and Gigi head back to Melbourne.

Pretty much a catching up session with the girls and I really love having dinner and lunches with them as I get to try different types of food! They love ordering dishes and trying something new.

Only half of what we ordered.
Crispy squid and pork ribs. Then there was a chicken dish and steam cod fish.

we had some unique fruit tea and of course bubble milk tea!
ooh and this :

It looked weird to me and its made of red bean so I didnt try it hehehehehe.

Anyways a group shot!

StephLeong, Gigi, yours truly, Debbie, Sherrie and Eevon.

girls noming on food and camwhoring lol.

they went to watch Burlesque but I headed home, watched it already boohoo.
till the next update!



Elizabeth said…
quite a nice blog~ +U
Elizabeth said…
quite a nice blog~ +U

You'd be interested in . . .