food post //

bits and pieces of food pictures I found, had and gobbled down last month?
idea is, that youre prolly reading this after your bedtime, YES I SCHEDULED IT! harhar.
& if youre looking at this, its making your tummy gumble hehehehehe.

Dome for some spagetti & lasagne.
hungover and starving me and wifey Jeslyn had for lunch.

one fine day, drove all the way to SS2 for bubblemilktea, cause I actually have no clue where else in PJ actually serves bubblemilktea the way I like it. And also because we had bak kut teh nearby, so yea. The pictures of the bak kut teh are too gruesome to be posted up cause I didnt manage to get the before shot, just the after lol.

iced chocolate & shirley temple at Michealangelos.
and some chocolate fondant cake with ice cream on top :D

Zanmaaaaaai time!
I had Japanese for almost a week straight that people started calling me Japanie Lim.
*if you followed my twitter you would know that*
I love my salmon & avacado. Dont tell me that all the salmon are polluted, u can get norwegian salmon you fools, pftt.

till the next photobomb post!

good luck with ze grumbly tummies!


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