girls night out 1#

First girlie night out after ages!
The four of us went in one car, and you can imagine the hilariousness of us all running in heels and pulling of stunts on the way down to kayelle ; destination of the night, where else but Zouk!

AbigailT, yours truly, SoniaY and EevonA.

Started the night Velveting.

never could really enjoy the music at velvet, maybe its not my time yet? but oh wells.

cranberry & vodka for the girls!

then hopped to Phuture, said some hellos then it was to mainroom bumped into a million familiar faces then Gagaloo dragged us of to Sonic. Met the usual kakis at Sonic, then started the jugs of Long Island, I who stopped drinking *well, I'm starting now again lol* was being a cherry thief! Hahah.

Edric Chin and I.
shortyyyyyyy, sorry couldnt help it :p

the dearest, Jordan & Charine.
its been ages since I last met them!

& this funny fella passes me his jug which I thought was Long Island but who knew, he added some extra "juices" to it. Beer + Long Island = OHNO!

abby & I

bumped into Matthew as well!


my loveee Gagaloooo.

having some bubblyyyyy!

& I shall end dis with an epic post of ...

yeppp, ME.

*peaceee out!*



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