Hardwell @ Zouk, Kuala Lumpur.

So it was another night of clubbing, hopped from Velvet to Phuture then Mainroom and even accompanied Gagaloo to Sonic for a while.

But the main reason I was there was for Hardwell. If you dont know him go google.
He's on the new Tiesto track, Zero 76.

Anyways picture time!

AlvinGold and me.
The new DJ Goldfish pose? lol.

Vicharn and meeeeeee.

my lover :p

mainroom was packed!
there's hardly any space to even walk.

this was at velvet tho.

Sonia, Eevon and me.

This was at Sonic.
We really did went everywheree haha.

Eevon and a friend.

Cassandra and me.

the girlies !

all of us who hopped all the way :D

till the next post, x.


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