Living large at Genting Highlands.

Daddy's friend came down from Jakarta ;
so the four of us went up to Genting to meet him, since it was just a nights stay I thought why nott. Better than partying the weekend away again.

To my surprise me and the sis got our own room at the Genting Resort. Maxim Suite, ahh sounds too good to be true. Anyways at the lobby waiting for daddy to check in.

going first class has its perks ;
we were served a variety of tea we could choose from while waiting for the process of checking in to be done.

opted for some Jasmine tea (;
when we got to the suite, well, its just about the same size as the Maya Hotels junior suite.
but what's there to complain as the rooms in any Genting hotel is really really small.

uber love the bathtub as theres a TV which I then took a nice warm bubble bath while watching Final Destination 4. Ooh and they provided orange sea salts!

Top : Leather jacket from Zero to Ten, T-Shirt from Zara.
Bottom : Jeggings from Zara.
Shoes : Boots from Japan.

Then we all met downstairs at the Olive for some refreshments and a little chit chat with daddys friend.

Honestly, I've never been inside the Olive and now since I have I would so rather hang out here than Starbucks. Its so comfy and the atmosphere is totally different than any other section in Genting, its definitely classier and quiet yet good enough for some catching up or just quiet time with a book.

So for the drinks, Erin ordered Shirley Temple, a mocktail. For less than RM20 its definitely worth every penny! The didnt even stinge a bit and it tastes delicious!

I tried out their cocktail called Blue Lagoon, a few sips and I was tipsy in the afternoon already.
A mixture of sambuca and whatnot ; gosh no more for me in the afternoons!

then me and the sister went exploring since its been ages we went up to Genting.
& I wanted to try the laser maze out.

Rm10 per entry.

so at first when we entered, we were crawling through, making sure not to touch any of the laserrs. Till middle way through, we just gave up and walked to the end realizing that its just actually a small tiny room, with no goals or puzzles to solve, well there is, but there isnt any point of solving if you dont get anything right?

so we just spent the remaining 15mins sitting down, fooling around or setting off the alarm since we've just realized that we just got ripped off.

after that we made our way to Coffee Bean for some down time before dinner.

Dinner was held at The Olive once again, daddys friend really do love that place.
flipping through the menu looking at what to order, we realized that nothing is priced below RM50, not even the appetizers! Only the desserts.

but seeing how much daddy earned, *hehe* we ordered what we wanted.

For appetizers we had 1/2 a dozen of fresh oysters.

1/2 a dozen of Kilpatrick Oysters.

nothing really special, I mean I can tell its the common new zealand oysters, not much flavour and very common. The Kilpatrick oysters had too much sauce that it spoiled everything, oh wells. Wasted about RM200 on the oysters alone.

Then we had soups! I ordered the Seafood Bisque, which was a bit of a let down as well, cause the only thing I managed to 'chew' on was a small tiny piece of lobster meat, but the mushroom soup was delicious!

next, onto the main course.
Erin ordered the Seared Sea Bass with Asparagus and sauteed Mushroom RM85.

the sea bass was so juicy and sweet! Definitely five stars from me!
worth the money paid for.

Mumsie other Lamb Rack with mash potatoes and pumpkin puree sauce.
Didnt get to try it though, because after he dish came mine came.

& I orderedddd, WAGYU BEEF!
along with wild mushrooms and potatoes.

I swear to god, its the best piece of meat I have ever tasted in my life! Sorry if I sound so jakun but this piece of meat cost RM318, so tell me, would you fork out your own money for just one meal? Further more, just one dish?

Anyways back to the dish, the grilled potato basket at the bottom and sauteed mushrooms didn't really do much difference, I mean its just mushrooms and potatoes, but the beef was to die for! The first slice that went into my mouth literally melted away. It was tender, juicy, soft and packed with flavour! A right amount of fats and meat, ah my tastebuds was in heaven for a minute there.

& to go along with the food we had a RM300 bottle of wine from the Brown Brothers.
WINE AND BEEF! *dingdingding* Goes along sooo sooooo well ;)

After that we had desserts!
Erin and I shared the chocolate fondant cake and ohmygod, it was heaven as well.
The warm oozing chocolate and vanilla ice cream just sang harmoniously in our mouths while the sweet sensation tickled down our throats. A definite must have if youre just stopping by the Olive for drinks and maybe some desserts.

Then after the fulfilling dinner we took a stroll outside of the hotel, making sure we dont just collapse on our beds. Haha.

It was really cold and misty that night though.

after that we went up, and I took that well deserved bubble bath, changed and headed out with Erin & her friends to see what was there to do.

walked all the way to First World, and entered the "Haunted House".
I have no idea how many gazilion times I have went inside that I memorized the way already, lol.

shy to admit it but, yea I got spooked.
How am I not to be freaked out when I was texting and someone just jumped right out infront of me?! lol.

after the much yelling and screaming we headed out for some fresh air.
little did we know it just rained, so all I could do was to squat.

I really need to get a second phone, blackberrys/iPhones/Andriod phones are just too much.

for supper we went all the way to Old Town since it was open for 24hours and it was already like past 2am?

On a cold night, I had Teh Tarik.

Thank god my sweater was long enough to protect my nose from freezing!

on the way back to the room, we passed by Safari, yeahh that disco/nightclub. The songs weren't so bad, they were actually quite catchy. Since we were still quite awake might as well drop by and pay a visit to a place filled with highschool memories, lol.

nothing much changed actually, they just added a few poles for reason I wouldnt know.
the crowd is still the same, everything else was still the same. Guess I didnt miss much haha.

stayed there for half an hour then it was back to the room!
crashed straight till we were woken up by mommy the next day.
damn it was early and we needed to make a move as daddy's friend is leaving to the airport already.

I was tired and didnt bother smilling at the camera.
Had lunch at the Chinese restaurant beside the Olive, I forgot whats the name.
The food was amazing as well but too bad I was so tired I didnt take pictures.

Left that place and rushed home got ready and off I went for Afdzal's 21st Birthday at The Hills.
will update about that soon, till then!



Anonymous said…
hi, you've a nice blog! (: have been following your blog since a year ago..
you are getting thinner despite all the nice good food.. how you do it? but no worries you're still as hot as always.. have a nice day :D
stephiielim said…
hello, thanks & erm, my weight fluctuates or decreases, and its not smth i'm happy with. its all due to my gastric and bad eating times. Will try a healthier lifestyle soon, heehee.

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