✈ Great Ocean Road 2011 ♡ ✈

a sneak peek at a lil' something I did during my second week in the land down under!

went for a short vacation, to the coast of melbourne. Taking a drive on the great ocean road ;
spent three days and two nightts at Apollo Bay, watched the sunset on the twelve apostles and also had scones and tea by the lighthouse.


Elaine and I at the Cape Otway Lighthousee ;
gorgeous isnt it?
the sky and weather was just perfect that day!

Twelve Apostles on Port Campbell ;
the view was just breath taking and worth the 2 hour drive.
got there just in time, before the skies turn dark.
managed to catch the sunset which just added more plus points for the view!

lovely trip with the bunch!

Picture credits : Elaine Szern

more updates when i'm back, gonna watch Pirates of the Caribbean tonight!


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