i'm sprunggg ;

hello world, its been a while ;
and in that while, my blog has been filled with small updates.

it was my first time travelling alone, and abroad without my family.
sooooooooooo, I didnt know what to expect ;
but as the weeks pass, I havent been homesick and I've actually enjoyed my trip here down under (:

seen the twelve apostles, drove on the great ocean road, did a lot of sightseeing, shopping and of course, eating. My face has definitely gone rounder and so did my tummy.

with 5 more days left, I hope everything goes on smoothly heehee.
then its back to kayelle and time to grow up as i'll be turning twentyone in a couple of days ;

till then!


Agnes Sim said…
your r pretty...the view in the pic beautiful as well. ;-)
Anonymous said…
can i know which model camera u using now? tq;)
stephiielim said…
Agnes : Thank you (:
Anon : the pictures in my blog belongs to diff cameras effects heehee. But i'm using a lumix and sony.

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